Consumer Affairs Department

The Consumer Affairs department of Publishers Clearing House acts as your internal consumer advocate. The department is dedicated to understanding and representing the consumer’s point of view.

Our department consists of committed individuals who work pro-actively to educate, inform, assist and protect consumers. Our efforts include:

  • Reaching out to provide assistance to consumers and/or their family members who may be experiencing difficulties with or have questions regarding promotional mailings and offers.
  • Identifying and preventing consumer and regulatory concerns by closely monitoring consumer contacts; we continually build and maintain positive relationships with consumer groups and regulators.
  • Working closely and partnering with numerous outside consumer protection representatives (i.e. The Better Business Bureau, Postal Inspection Service, State Attorneys General) to ensure that sweepstakes protection, education and assistance is available and provided to all consumers. 
  • Managing heightened consumer contacts to help ensure timely assistance and satisfactory resolution for all parties.
  • Overseeing the innovative PCH “Purchase Patrol” program that regularly contacts top spending customers to provide valuable sweepstakes information and to speak with them to ensure they are responding appropriately to our mailings.  
  • Regularly appearing before local community organizations and groups to share information on sweepstakes promotions and consumer protection. If you contact us, we will be happy to arrange a visit by our representatives to your organization!
  • Maintaining an internal Scam Database that tracks scam contacts received from consumers, who contact PCH to report illegal uses of our name. We regularly share such data with the law enforcement community in an effort to stop these criminals.

Publishers Clearing House is proud of its long tradition of partnering with the consumer protection community -- working together to achieve a common goal that benefits all consumers. Over the years, we’ve worked on numerous educational efforts and campaigns to accomplish these endeavors with such partners as:   

Thank you for your interest in Publishers Clearing House Consumer Affairs! We hope that our efforts will allow you to feel confident that standing behind our famous “House” logo is a company that cares about people and is committed to doing the right thing for all consumers.   

If you wish to contact a PCH Consumer Affairs representative, please contact us by email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or write to PCH Consumer Affairs at 382 Channel Drive, Port Washington, New York, 11050