Processing & Procedures

PCH sweepstakes entries are processed in a secure environment in a timely fashion and all entries are handled with care. The PCH Contest Department plans and coordinates contest processing and winning number selection procedures.

In addition, a nationally recognized independent auditing firm has been engaged to review the effectiveness of controls over the security and processing integrity of the Publishers Clearing House Contest Processing System; this includes infrastructure, software, people, procedures and data.

Contest processing involves several departments at Publishers Clearing House. Operations, Information Technology and Finance work closely with the PCH Contest Department to process contest entries, select winners and award prizes in a timely, efficient and secure manner.

Complete records of the eligibility requirements for each promotion and giveaway are kept in the Contest Eligibility Dictionary, which is an electronic database. Detailed instructions for computer processing, eligibility and prize winner determination are issued prior to each drawing. Instructions are sent to processing staff, internal auditing staff and the PCH Board of Officials. Eligible number ranges and volumes are carefully monitored. Descriptions of giveaways and giveaway summary charts are carefully prepared and reviewed.

Records of winners and prizes awards are maintained in locking files and on restricted access computer disc storage.