Meet the Prize Patrol

With all the prize winning that goes on here at PCH, there’s a very lucky group of people that gets to see all the winning in real time – the PCH Prize Patrol.

The members of the PCH Prize Patrol travel the country surprising lucky cash prize winners with a Big Check, balloons, roses and champagne. While many PCH employees get the opportunity to be a part of the Prize Patrol during our big giveaways, there is a select group of Prize Patrollers called the Prize Patrol Elite who deliver most of the SuperPrizes. Interested in learning more about who makes up the famous Prize Patrol? Read on to find out more and make sure you stop by their verified fan page on Facebook for more information: The PCH Prize Patrol.

Dave Sayer, PCH Prize Patrol Elite Member

Dave Sayer joined PCH as Director of Advertising in 1981 following a career with New York ad agencies where he served the media/marketing needs of many household-name accounts. At PCH, he has headed the company’s public relations activities, in addition to overseeing the media and TV creative operations. He's appeared on countless national TV talk shows, often with past sweepstakes winners who delight and encourage audiences with stories of their “winning moments.” Dave’s own tales of his hundreds of Prize Patrol adventures and friendships with winners could fill a large book. He holds a BA in English from Bucknell University.


Todd Sloane, PCH Prize Patrol Elite Member

Todd Sloane, who joined PCH as a Marketing Analyst in 1985, is credited with inventing the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol when he suggested to his boss that they bring a hand-held video camera along to film the winner's reaction at the moment of surprise, instead of filming the winner in a studio later on for TV commercials. As luck would have it, the couple they surprised in that first-ever live winning moment experiment had a very exciting reaction, with shrill screams, hugs, jumps for joy and smiles galore. So, the Prize Patrol was born. Todd has held many positions in PCH leading him to Senior Vice President of Creative, his current title. Todd has a BS in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration from State University of New York at Buffalo.


Danielle Lam, PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team Member

Danielle Lam joined Publishers Clearing House in April of 2008 as the Product Mix Internet Coordinator. In September of 2010, she began working in the contest department as the Senior Online Promotion Development Analyst. Currently Danielle is the Senior Manager of Promotion Development where she serves as active member of the online testing team and leads the Promotion Development team where new promotions and giveaways are created. She is best known for delivering the signature big check to our lucky winners as seen on TV. Danielle received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Loyola University in Maryland.