PCH Board of Officials

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes are conducted under the supervision of the PCH Board of Officials. The Board of Officials is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the Publishers Clearing House contests and sweepstakes. 

Their mission is to ensure the fair application of laws of chance, equal treatment for all entries and a strict adherence to sweepstakes regulations and Official Rules.

The Publishers Clearing House Board of Officials consists of two attorneys and a senior officer of the company. Members of the Board of Officials witness major prize drawings, oversee contest processing procedures and decide matters of prize eligibility. Entry deadlines are strictly enforced as are other requirements stated in the Official Rules. Board members must be consistent and impartial in their decisions.


Deborah Holland, Board of Officials Chairman

Deborah HollandChairman of the Board of Officials, Deborah Holland, is also the Executive Vice President of Publishers Clearing House. A long-serving employee with over 30 years of experience spanning virtually all areas of business at Publishers Clearing House, Deborah is intimately knowledgeable about contest registrations, rules and processing




H. W. Low, Board of Officials General Counsel

Bill LowGeneral Counsel, H.W. Low, is a Senior Vice President of Publishers Clearing House. Mr. Low has advised Publishers Clearing House for almost 35 years, beginning as independent counsel for a New York law firm and later joining the company in 1993. In addition to his expertise in Sweepstakes regulations, he is the chief legal advisor on funding for million and multi-million dollar prize payments.



The Independent Counsel, S.P. Farrell, is a Senior Partner at a Top 10 National law Firm located on Park Avenue in New York City. Mr. Farrell has provided counsel to PCH on a wide variety of legal matters for over 15 years.