PCH Customer Bill of Rights

PCH brings you this Customer Bill of Rights to remind you of the effort we make to please our most valuable asset - you - our loyal friends and customers.

1. Value, Variety, Quality & Convenience

You have the right to have access to a wide variety of value-priced magazines and merchandise from the convenience of your own home described with accurate advertising about the quality of the items offered. We negotiate low prices with publishers, and our buyers travel the world to bring hard-to-find items directly from the manufacturers to your doorstep, passing the savings along to you. Our quality assurance process pre-tests items and checks product information accuracy.
2. Clear Communications You have the right to receive promotions, offers and billing materials that are clear and easy to understand. We write in normal, everyday language and fully explain the important details in a clear and concise manner.
3. Excellent Customer Service You have the right to speak to a representative to ask questions or receive assistance with your orders, payments or promotions. Our specially-trained representatives are empowered to provide prompt, courteous and thorough service. If you are not satisfied with any item you purchase, you may return it within 120 days to receive a full credit or replacement for damaged goods.
4. Respect for Your Privacy You have the right to have your personal information treated with confidentiality and to have a say in what communications you receive. We use your personal data only for legitimate fulfillment or marketing purposes and regularly offer you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving promotions from us or from other trusted marketing partners. 
5. Unparalleled Consumer Education & Outreach Program You have the right to receive consumer educational materials about sweepstakes. Our innovative outreach programs provide education and individualized assistance for consumers on a regular basis. 
6. Customer Focus/Personalized Products & Offers You have the right to receive relevant products, promotions and offers customized to your personal preferences. We focus on pleasing customers and hand-pick items and prepare promotions and offers based on our customers’ demonstrated interest. 
7. Timely Order Processing You have the right to prompt order processing. We begin processing orders the day they are received and transmit the information to publishers or the warehouse within 2 business days of completed processing.
8. Free Credit & Simple, Clear Billing You have the right, as a responsible, credit-worthy consumer, to order any item without sending money or providing a credit card number before you receive it. You also have the right to spread your payments over 4 months with no interest charge. Our billing system and quality-controlled processing ensure that your records, payment postings, bills and credit status are accurate and up-to-date. If, despite our best efforts, an error does occur, we correct it promptly.
9. Free Inspection Privilege & Easy Return Policy You have the right to inspect any item you order before you decide whether to keep or return it. Our no-hassle return policy means you may cancel any magazine subscription or return any merchandise item ordered through Publishers Clearing House up to 120 days from receipt of shipment, if not completely satisfied, for any reason. You will receive a full credit (including any shipping and handling) on all issues not yet delivered and on any product returned within this time frame. All credits will first be applied to any open balance you may have with us. If you do not have an open balance on your account, a refund check will be issued. 
10. Prize Offers & Promotions are Supported as AdvertisedYou have the right to enjoy participating in our sweepstakes with confidence that the prizes will be awarded and promotions carried out as advertised. Bonds are purchased to assure funding of major prizes at time of award and our Contest Department carefully records all prize offers and eligibility so prizes are awarded as promoted. 

This “Customer Bill of Rights” is our fun way of expressing the company’s marketing philosophy and customer service policies. It is not intended as a contract or binding legal obligation and may be updated, retracted or modified at our discretion. To contact our customer service team please visit the Publishers Clearing House FAQ.