Youngest $5000 A Week "Forever" Prize Winner

The PCH Prize Patrol awards $5000 A Week "Forever" AGAIN! Michael Miller of Moro, IL became the YOUNGEST winner of $5000 A Week "Forever" on August 29th, 2013!

Michael Miller of Moro, IL got the surprise of a LIFETIME (well, technically TWO LIFETIMES) when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol handed him a $5,OOO.OO A Week "FOREVER"BIG CHECK on August 29th!

Michael, who is only 26 years old, could not believe his luck. He was stunned into silence by the size of his new fortune, as well as the camera crews and excited neighbors gathered on his front lawn. When asked what he’ll do with the money, Michael said he would like to purchase a new car.

With a total $26O,OOO.OO every year for the rest of his life, plus, a second set of LIFETIME PAYMENTS for a beneficiary of his choosing, Michael is “SET FOR LIFE!”