$5,000 A Week for Life "Forever" Prize Winner John Wyllie

This is one for the history books! We’re pleased to announce that John Wyllie, from White City, Oregon, was the August 31st, 2012 winner of the first-ever $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize from Publishers Clearing House!

Early Friday morning, equipped with a police escort, the PCH Prize Patrol made their way to part-time book-binder John Wyllie's neighborhood in Jackson County. 

Hints, clues, photos and videos hit the PCH fan page, Danielle Lam Prize Patrol's Fan Page, the PCHBlog and the PCHSearch&Win Blog hard. Fans guessed the Prize Patrol's whereabouts with hot anticipation and, once the winner was announced, spilled congratulatory remarks.

And congratulations were definitely in order.

"This really will change his life," Danielle Lam commented after awarding John with his prize in an emotionally-charged surprise winning moment.

It certainly will change John's life, AND the life of his hand-picked beneficiary, who will continue to receive weekly prize payments for life following the winner's lifetime.

Congratulations, John Wyllie!

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