On April 30th, 2013, the Prize Patrol traveled to Statesville, NC to award another millionaire-making SuperPrize.

Winner Glenda Dancy was home and not expecting that coveted knock on the door. “I thought the time had passed,” said Glenda, referring to the award date.

“I thought we got a warning…” said a shocked Glenda Dancy when she found the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol at her front door. The PCH Prize Patrol doesn’t notify winners before showing up at their homes – that’s all part of the fun.

Glenda wasted no time waking up her son, Jason, and bringing him to the front door to meet the surprise guests. Jason’s reaction to seeing the $1,000,000 Big Check went from disbelief to amusement. He said, “Well, you said you were going to win one day!”

Retirees Glenda and Archie have raised a large family of children and grandchildren.  Neighbors who gathered round said no couple was more deserving.  So we hope they will do what Glenda says is probably high on their list:take a nice trip.

Congratulations Glenda!