On June 30th, 2013 the Prize Patrol went on the road again to Gilman City, MO to award another $1,000,000. Sherry Seltman was the lucky winner!

Winner Sherry Seltman was in shock when she saw the PCH Prize Patrol on her front porch. And as soon as Dave Sayer revealed the $1 million big check she began to cry tears of joy and only managed to say, “Thank you so much! This is wonderful!”

Sherry and her husband John are farmers and have farmed their whole lives. They grow soybeans, wheat and raise cattle on their farm. They have 3 children and luckily Sherry’s daughter and grandsons were there to witness the winning moment.

The money could not have come at a better time for Sherry. When the PCH Prize Patrol asked her what she plans on doing with the money she said, ” I would like to get my sons to move back home.” One of her grandsons then responded and said “With the $1 million, I would buy a puppy!”

We wish the best of luck to Sherry and her family. Congratulations and welcome to the PCH winners circle!