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Tips and Warning Signs

Entering sweepstakes and giveaways is fun, exciting and enjoyable. But please keep these valuable tips and warning signs in mind to help you identify which offers are real and which are scams.

Recognizing the difference between legitimate sweepstakes and other types of offers that may not be legitimate will help you protect yourself and your family.

Tip 1: Do Not Send Money to Claim a Sweepstakes Prize

If you are asked to send money to pre-pay taxes, pay a legal fee, pay a border fee,load funds on a Green Dot Card or pay any kind of fee to claim a sweepstakes prize — STOP — you have not heard from a legitimate sweepstakes company. Whether contacted by mail, phone or e-mail, remember: no legitimate sweepstakes company will ever ask you to pay or send money to claim a prize. It’s prohibited and unlawful!

Tip 2: Beware of Fake Check Scams

If you receive a check claiming to be for a legitimate sweepstakes prize and are asked to cash it and wire or send a portion back — STOP — you are the victim of a fraudulent contact. The check is not real! Consumers should always remember that at Publishers Clearing House no payment or fee is ever necessary to enter or claim a prize.

Tip 3: Be Suspicious of Callers Claiming You’ve Won – But Ask You to Send Money

If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming you have won a sweepstakes prize and are asked to send money — STOP — you have not heard from a legitimate sweepstakes company. At Publishers Clearing House we do not notify our contest winners by phone.

Tip 4: Be Wary of E-mails Claiming You’ve Won – and Asking You to Send Money

If you receive an e-mail notifying you that you have won a major sweepstakes prize, but are asked to provide personal financial information, or send money — STOP -– you have most likely been contacted by a fraudulent sweepstakes scam operator. At Publishers Clearing House we do not notify major prize winners by e-mail.

Tip 5: Never Give Your Credit Card Number to Collect a Prize

If you are asked to provide your credit card number or provide your financial bank account information in order to claim a sweepstakes prize — STOP. Fraudulent scam artists often request this information and then go on a spending spree with your credit card; or wipe out your bank account.

Tip 6: Always Play Safely

At PCH we include a Sweepstakes Facts insert in every promotional offer we send. Be sure to read the Sweepstakes Facts, as well as our Official Rules. They are there to provide you with all the information you need to play safely! Don’t fall for ‘lookalike’ mailings that try to mislead consumers by imitating legitimate sweepstakes.

Tip 7: If an Offer Sounds Too Good to be True, Think Twice — It Usually is!

Remember, No Purchase is Necessary to enter a legitimate sweepstakes and the winning is always free!

Tip 8: Contact PCH: Know the Company Conducting the Sweepstakes

PCH provides customers with assistance and can answer any sweepstakes questions you may have. If you wish to report a scam contact to us, you may do so by clicking here to fill out and complete a scam incident report.

Tip 9: If You Believe You’ve Been the Victim of a Fraudulent Contact…

If you believe you have been contacted by a scammer, we recommend that you contact your local consumer protection officials. Your complaint may help to prevent others from being victimized and will be useful to law enforcement in stopping the scams.

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