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Winner Selection Methodologies

At PCH there are many prize winning opportunities — and many ways we go about selecting our Winners.

Depending upon how the Sweepstakes is implemented, our Winner Selection Process may include one of the following methodologies:

Matching Winning Number

  • Pre-select: A winning number is randomly selected at the beginning of the contest. Our Contest Department checks all eligible entries to see if a matching number is timely returned.
  • Post-select: A winning number is randomly selected at the contest end and our Contest Department checks all eligible entries to see if a matching number was timely returned.
  • Sneak Peek (Special Early Look): A winning number is randomly selected and our Contest Department takes a “sneak peek” prior to contest end to see if a matching winning number has been timely returned.

Random Drawing

In a random drawing, a winner is randomly selected from all eligible entries. Random drawings are typically conducted at PCH when a matching winning number is not returned or to award small prizes. Random drawings may be automated or manual. In automated drawings, the computer randomly selects a winner from among all eligible entries. In a manual drawing, eligible entries are numbered sequentially and a random number generator program is used to randomly select a winning sequence number.


Entries received promptly within the first processing periods will be eligible for random winner selection.


Entries are divided by region or geographic location and for each such region a winner will be randomly selected.

Instant Win

Live-play entries are selected at random throughout our digital game network and prizes are awarded instantly. Winners are notified to fill out an online prize claim form to claim their winnings.

At Publishers Clearing House our prize winner selection process is random and unbiased.

PCH Giveaways are conducted under the supervision of the PCH Board of Judges and overseen by independent auditors and outside counsel. We have no way of knowing, prior to selection, who our winners may be or where they may come from. Each promotional mailing you receive from Publishers Clearing House offers recipients a unique, new Personal SuperPrize Number that provides an opportunity to win our Sweepstakes if it is returned in a timely manner. Every entry you send is processed with care, recorded in our Contest Audit File and gives you another new chance to win. Whether or not you have ordered, if the Personal SuperPrize Number assigned to your entry matches the randomly selected winning number, you will win the prize. If you fail to send in a timely entry, the Personal SuperPrize Number assigned to you in that mailing becomes ineligible and cannot win even if it matches the winning number. In that event, the prize may then be awarded to an alternate winner, selected at random, from among all those people who submitted a timely entry. Note: Every time you enter to Win the PCH SuperPrize online, whether through email, our websites or in our Apps, you are receiving a SuperPrize Number that is recorded in our Contest Audit File as noted above. It is your unique entry marker that no one else can win with but you.

For complete information about how a winner is selected, the odds of winning and any restrictions or limitations, review the Official Rules of any sweepstakes you are considering entering.

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